We develop solutions for complex health challenges

We are a biotechnological company dedicated to the research and development of innovative medicines for rare infectious diseases with few or no treatment options.

Products and developments

Based on our experience in protein and antibody engineering, we have developed an immunotherapy for COVID-19, approved by the Argentine health authority, and a drug candidate with the potential of becoming the first treatment for hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Our history

Inmunova Originally founded by scientists, today we are part of Grupo Insud. Highest scientific standards and innovation are the corner stone of our work. We apply state of the art quality principles and good R&D practices in our work.


With a long research tradition, science is in our DNA and it is the foundation of what we. The advances and findings of our scientists are communicated on national and international specialized journals.

We are specialized in the design of vaccines, therapeutic antibodies and immunogens, covering the entire development process: proof of concept, pre-clinical and clinical research, registration procedure and pharmacovigilance.

Investigational treatment for hemolytic uremic syndrome.

HUS is a serious illness caused by consuming food or water contaminated with the Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli bacteria.

It is a rare disease, which mainly affects boys and girls, and there is still no specific approved treatment in the world.

At Inmunova we are developing an innovative candidate biological drug, with the potential to be the first treatment to block Shiga toxin and prevent severe forms of HUS.

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